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Grip N Flip is the unique new spatula with a precision gripping action. Now, no more broken yokes or chasing that sausage around the skillet again. You can turn over just one strip of bacon or lift out the whole batch. They're even great for the barbeque - You're never going to chase those hotdogs around again, and they're delicate enough to turn over even fish.

Your kids are going to love Grip N Flip for cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and it's also a perfect tool to use with your countertop grill.

Scoop N Strain is the unique new ladle that not only scoops and serves, but strains and drains. Most ladles are solid, but Scoop n' Strain has this unique straining grid that allows you to decide whether you want lots of vegetables and a just a little bit of broth, or lots of broth with just a few vegetables.

6 in 1 kitchen utensil - that's so precise, it'll even pick up a thin dime. What it does, is it actually forms around the food - it takes the shape of whatever you're lifting. It's like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen and it's yours free.

Grip N Flip Set includes:

  • 1 Grip and Flip
  • 1 Scoop N Strain
  • 1 6 in 1 Kitchen Utensil


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