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The Bodytone Enhancer is ideal for body toning or muscle enhancement to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power by working on the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Bodi-Tek's electronic technology mimics the bodys natural processes to provide a true anaerobic (strength training) workout that is wonderfully effective on targeted muscle groups that normally respond slowly to conventional exercise: abdominals, hips, buttocks, belly, bust and thighs.

For example, the Bodi-Tek Bodytone Enhancer can contract and expand abdominal muscles 100 times in just 5 minutes without any direct effort whatsoever. Now, with the help of space age technology used by astronauts and Olympic gold medal winners alike, it is possible to achieve perfection in sculpted attractive muscle tone from the comfort of your easy chair.

Just place the conductive pads over the desired muscle groups and dial in the desired amount of stimulation. You can exercise up to 2 areas at once at different levels. The Bodi-Tek Bodytone Enhancer includes 4 large pads, and its portability and battery operation make it ideal for use at home or in the office.

Movement-free EMS Technology Allows:

  • Body toning and the increase of muscle density and vascularity
  • Chemical-free muscle building
  • Physiotherapy for ligament, tendon and muscle injuries
  • Acceleration of healing process for bruises
  • Muscular warm-up prior to strenuous exercise.
  • Uses 4 D cell batteries (not included).


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